Camry Smashes Volt – Camry Burns

Do you remember the hysteria that the rightwing and others opposed to electric cars tried to cause when the battery in a Chevy Volt caught fire several weeks after a “what if government test”? Not only did the fire occur weeks (not minutes or hours) after the test, but GM’s procedures for handling the battery after a severe accident were not followed.  But facts did not matter to the rightwing luddites – this was not really about electric cars.  In 2008 there were an estimated 236,000 vehicle fires in the US and none of the vehicles were electric.

Well guess what happened in May 18th of this year? A driver in Geneseo, NY driving a Toyota Camry at a high rate of speed smashed into two parked cars; a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee, and a Chevy Volt. The Jeep suffered substantial damage and had to be totaled. The Volt was crushed beyond recognition. The Camry – it burst into flames! Fortunately the driver of the Camry was rescued by the swift action of bystanders (including the owner of the Volt and Jeep). I have heard no mention of this in the rightwing press or on talk radio.


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