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Where Are We Now?

A lot of stuff has happened in the auto world in the last three years:

  • Fisker is gone
  • A123 is gone
  • The 2nd Generation Chevy Volt is in production
  • BMW begins delivery of an EV, the i3
  • The Tesla Model S is a roaring  success
  • Production of the Tesla Model X is about to begin
  • Tesla begins construction of the Gigabyte Battery factory
  • Tesla announces that production will begin on a low cost EV, the Model 3 in 2017
  • GM announces it will produce a low cost EV, the Bolt in 2017

It’s amazing that one company’s name appears in most of these events – Tesla. Every major automobile manufacturer has announced plans for production of an EV, and all of this is a reaction to the success of Tesla. One company along has started the electric vehicle revolution. After watching Tesla for a number of years, and assuming (hoping) Tesla would fail, the other manufacturers finally realized electric cars weren’t going away. Tesla proved that current battery technology was good enough to begin producing electric cars. And not just  a golf cart in the guise of a car, but beautiful, high performance, award winning electric cars. Consumer Reports says that the Model S was the best car they have ever tested. This eliminated any arguments that the pending fuel economy standards were unobtainable.